The physiotherapist agreed and said that I will have to do some simple exercises. I went to see my family doctor and he said that it is probably due to constriction of the cervical bones around the neck as otherwise it is not possible for both arms to be painful. I went to our Kota Kinabalu hospital again and got 4 x-rays done. After that I was given some hot pad to place on the shoulder. It was a little painful but bearable. The area around my house is full of stones and hoeing the ground and hitting on the rocks underground was bad for my arms. That night I could not sleep at all because of excruciating pain. The doctor also asked me to go for physiotherapy. He advised me to get both arms and the neck region scanned.Recently I spoke with a former classmate who has now completely healed from a stroke which had affected his left hand badly.-- About 2 years ago I had a severe pain in my left arm around the region of the biceps. When the time came to carry a heavy table he lifted it at one end and I on the other.. However, I was unable to carry heavy things with my left hand. Shouldn't it be cured by resting the arm instead of aggravating the fracture with these exercises?So if any of you want to go for physiotherapy please think and ask yourself if what the physiotherapist asks you to do is suitable for you. I went to our hospital in Kota Kinabalu and I was given some medication together with some painkillers. A few months ago I started doing gardening work around the house as I have been told that the vegetables we buy at our market is full of chemicals as there is no proper control by the authorities. I did not go for subsequent appointments with the physiotherapist. After my marriage in 1979, whenever my wife and I went to the market I would only carry whatever we bought with my right hand. He said there was a hair line fracture in the place of the old fracture. I was also referred to the physiotherapy department. I placed most of the weight on my right hand and my left hand was placed underneath the table without carrying the weight of the table. However, my pain in Earth Pits Factory the arm is caused by a fracture. In 1980 a close friend was moving house and asked me to help him carry the household things. My wife would carry the heavy stuff. The doctor who examined the x-ray pointed out an old fracture on either side of the arm in identical places. To reduce the purchase of such vegetables I decided to grow my own vegetable. There was a sharp pain on the right arm and since then I had to be careful with carrying anything on either hand. I was told to do the exercise with the staff at home until my next visit but I have not been doing it and my arms are getting better and better each day. I was led to a place that had a large wheel mounted on the wall, called a shoulder wheel, and I had to turn the wheel around with one hand for 5 minutes and then the other for another 5 minutes. This time around both my arms started aching around the bicep areas. I had a motor bike accident in 1978 where my left arm ached but I did not see a doctor. Then I was told to place a rod, called exercise rod, measuring about 3 feet or so one end on each palm and push the staff left until my left palm was overhead.After the exercise I was given the heat treatment on both shoulders.Over time the pain slowly subsided and everything was back to normal.Our hospital in Kota Kinabalu is an excellent hospital. Then I had to repeat it the other way around whereby my right hand was overhead. When the x-ray for the arm was done I was asked to carry a one gallon container in each hand. I wish I could say the same thing about the physiotherapy department.Now everything was falling into place. He says that it was physiotherapy that had given back his left hand.Over time the pain subsided and I thought all was fine until about 2 years ago as mentioned above. I have seen similar improvement with a stroke victim opposite my house. The pain eased off slowly. This time when I went to the physiotherapist “ a different person from the one I saw 2 years ago- I explained what had happened to me previously and that I do not want the electric gadget that went left and right on my shoulder. One chest x-ray, one neck x-ray and one each of the left and right shoulder and arm was done. They took some blood sample and asked me to go for a review on 31st July 2012. The next morning I could not even lift the arm. The next day I went for physiotherapy where the physiotherapist asked many questions and then placed 2 metal pieces on my shoulder some sort like a clamp which was made to vibrate to the left and right.
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